Fall Breakfast Treat

blog 005

If you’re at all like me, your child’s restricted diet can get old. I find myself falling into ruts of safe, reliable foods, and serve them endlessly until I’m sick of them, even if he’s not. Beans, for example. Or sweet potato fries, another of his favorites. Or the yogurt he has every morning for breakfast. I serve him my homemade coconut milk yogurt with some sort of fruit, usually mashed peaches or applesauce.

This morning, though, I didn’t have any suitable fruit to mix into the yogurt: the pear was not ripe enough, apples are too crunchy and I didn’t have any applesauce, we’re still easing into strawberries, he hates bananas… see my dilemma? I was frantically searching through the fridge when I happened upon a container of freshly mashed pumpkin. Aha!

And as quickly as that, Pumpkin Spice Yogurt was born. I just mixed a generous tablespoon of the mashed pumpkin with about 4 oz of yogurt and sprinkled in 1/4 tsp cinnamon. My Certain Little Someone gobbled it up. Here he is, trying to see if he can scrape anymore from the bowl:

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