Spotted at my Local Grocery Store!

I am slowly coming to the end of the process of weaning my Certain Little Someone from Enfamil Nutramigen to So Delicous’ Coconut Milk Beverage. His non-dairy “milk” options are very limited, as he is allergic to soy, and seemed to react to hemp milk when I tried it. Obviously, cow’s and goat’s milk are out, so that leaves very few alternatives. My choice basically boiled down to rice milk or drinkable coconut milk, and I opted for the latter because I feel it has more nutrition than the former, especially in regards to healthy fats. I worry about him getting enough healthy fats in his diet because of his allergies, so he eats a lot of coconut products and avocado.

Normally, I pick up his coconut milk at a local organic grocery store, where I have found it is available at the best price in this area. (Safeway also carries it, but it costs about a dollar more there.) I love that particular market, so I don’t mind going there, but it is out of the way, and there is often very little else that I buy there, other than some organic produce and other allergen-free foods on occasion. Now that my Certain Little Someone is drinking a lot more of the coconut milk, I’m finding I need to pick it up once a week, which is kind of a drag!

Hence, I was delighted to find this new, shelf-stable version of the same product, and not at the grocery store across town. At the grocery store right down the street from me! It costs roughly the same as the refrigerated version per ounce: this package is 32 oz. and the regular price was $2.55, while the 64 oz. refrigerated  version is $4.59. (It was on sale when I bought it for $2.00.) Still slightly more expensive, but the convenience is definitely worth it, at least when I’m pressed for time.

One big advantage (I wish I had known about this a week or two ago!) is that it is much more portable because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated until opened. That will make it so much more convenient to take on trips with our Certain Little Someone.

This may have been out for a while, and perhaps everyone else is already aware while I’m just now noticing it, but just in case, I thought I’d pass on the info about this great new product for you! I love the Turtle Mountain Company and all their dairy-free options; I can’t wait to see what other new products they develop!


2 Comments on “Spotted at my Local Grocery Store!”

  1. Dinah says:

    I just recently discovered So Delicious coconut milk in the aseptic containers, too. I love being able to stock up, since the store where I buy them is a bit out of the way. This is the only milk my daughter will drink, and I use it in everything.

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