Is Timing to Blame?

A recent study from Finland indicates that babies born in autumn are at least twice as likely to develop food allergies as babies born in the summer. The hypothesis is that these babies begin developing their immune system at around 3 months gestation, right when pollen is at its peak. No one is sure why, but it seems that perhaps this triggers the IgE response which then leads to a development of food allergies.

It may seem hard to believe, but I find it intriguing because my Certain Little Someone was born in October. I would be very interested to hear of more studies investigating this further; or data collected from allergy patients that confirms or denies this information.

For the average person, it doesn’t really mean anything, but for those of us who have a family history of allergies, perhaps we could try to time things better for the next one? There’s certainly no guarantee for success, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt anything to aim for a spring or summer baby next time! 😉

~To everything there is a season.~


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